Much of the work of propagating the plants we provide to others is accomplished by our terrific group of dedicated volunteers. During our twice monthly volunteer sessions we have been propagating a huge and unique selection of habitat plants; both California natives and other compatible Mediterranean species plants. At any one time I would estimate that we have at least 3,000 plants ‘growing along’: All plants that restore and enhance habitats!

Volunteers also help out by tending plants in our gardens, fruit orchard, and habitat pond; but the heavy work is done by a regular crew that comes in two days a week. We want all our ‘mother plants’ to be healthy and vigorous, and  Home Ground to always look at its best!

Home Ground’s collaboration with Marin Audubon Society is in its third year! We are growing about 700-800 plants to create a ‘Monarch Habitat’ on the MAS property located on Atherton Ave.  HGH is providing another 300 Narrow-leaf Milkweeds (Asclepias fascicularis) to be planted out during the rainy season – bringing the 3-year total to about 900 Milkweeds for the Monarchs! In addition to milkweeds HGH provides shrubs, bunchgrasses, and late blooming plants to enhance the resources of this habitat.

Our latest collaborative project is with the Marin Beekeepers Association, headed by Bonnie Morse. Bonnie is spearheading the collaboration with the Dominican University in San Rafael to create a ‘Pollinator Garden’ in a large and centrally located area on the campus. The berms were built, irrigation installed, and 85 native plants were planted just before the Christmas holiday. In January Home Ground donated another 134 plants and there will be more to plant out as long as the rainy season permits! These plants create more biodiversity and help to extend the seasonal resources. Our support of this garden will be on-going over the years.

Home Ground also continues to support the CA native garden at the Bay Model in Sausalito, with both donations of plants as needed, and to lend some helping hands for the quarterly maintenance necessary to keep the garden looking beautiful. Many people, from all over the world, visit the Sausalito waterfront and admire the garden; we always get some appreciative remarks, and ‘thumbs up!’ while we are working there.

Other public gardens and projects that HGH has contributed plants to are: Marcia Basalla’s traffic island habitat at the entrance to the Pacheco Valle neighbor-hood: the Oval Park in Woodacre: a small garden for the Greenbrae Improvement Club: the Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa, and the Sonoma Beekeeper’s Association. Home Ground has works closely with SPAWN (Salmon Protection and Watershed Network) in support of their restoration projects at the Lagunitas Creek for several years. Home Ground will be growing a number of the native shrubs and trees for the re-wilding of the former golf course in San Geronimo valley.

Home Ground Habitats and SPAWN work together on our ‘Bringing Nature to School’ program. In 2022 HGH donated plants to the following schools; Ross Valley Charter School – Neil Cummins Elementary School – Glenwood Elementary School – San Ramon Elementary School – Winston Prep – Sinaloa Middle School – and Lucas Valley Elementary School. HGH is also contributing plants for a large public pollinator garden in Bolinas, and the gardens at the San Geronimo Community Center, and the school nearby.

HGH also provides ALL the plants and seeds for the twice-yearly fund-raising efforts of the Marin chapter of the CA Native Plant Society – their last fall plant sale was the most successful ever!  Home Ground also provides habitat plants to help with fund-raising efforts of In Spirit in San Geronimo Valley.

Home Ground has also hosted tours of our beautiful gardens for:

Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership
Our free May 14 Launch Day Tour was part of their annual Eco-Friendly Garden Tour.  and even included a virtual tour

Marin Master Gardeners

Placerville Master Gardeners 

Pinole Garden Club We donated large quantities of CA native seed to the Pinole Garden Club to enable them to develop a seed bank for their community.

HGH Fall Celebration on October 15
Select participants got to tour the nursery, purchase various seeds and seedlings. Several participants got very excited about seeing a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly as well as Larvae in their natural habitat. Guests enjoyed a demonstration to help plant enthusiasts get a better germination rate.

We look forward to many more such events at Home Ground.