Plant Sourcing

Ways to get a particular plant that you want for your habitat garden: 1. purchase from a reputable grower or commercial nursery; 2. grow the plants from seeds; or 3. clone or divide new plants from established plants. Read on for the pros and cons of each of these options.


growing a plant from seed

What is a Seed?
Starting Plants from Seed
Sowing Your Seeds

new plants from exiting plants

Growing Plants from Cuttings
Creating Plants by Division


Urban Farmer Store

FOR: all kinds of irrigation equipment and supplies, lines and sprinkler heads; also irrigation timers and good advice.


FOR: Quality drip irrigation supplies; predesigned plans for irrigation systems, big library of how-to videos.

Martin Brothers Supply

FOR: organic soils and composts, especially good are super-harvest and mushroom composts for ornamentals and veggies.

Harmony Farm Supply

FOR: vegetable starts (organically grown on site), bare root berries and fruit trees in season, soil amendments, compost bins, tools.