Mission Mallow is a very fast growing shrub with showy hibiscus-like flowers produced nearly all year in frost-free settings. The plant is big and adds a lush tropical look to the garden. It responds well to pruning, and can be used as a hedge plant; specimen plants need to be pruned back by about 2/3rds to promote good form.

Mission Mallow is native to the Channel Islands, and has naturalized in some areas of the California coast. It is tolerant of salt spray and winds. It is adaptable to most soils, needs good drainage and full sun. Avoid too much water, as this promotes rank, leggy growth.

Plant it as a focal point in a mixed border or create a Channel Islands garden.

This plant is a favorite deer browse, and it also needs protection from gophers and rabbits. Hummingbirds work the flowers for nectar, and the leaves provide for the larvae of the West Coast Lady butterfly.