Deer Grass is one of the most impressive of the native bunchgrasses. Established plants are large, and sometimes flowering stalks reach well over five feet. It is dramatic as a specimen and stunning when planted in a large drift. Be sure to give plants enough space  between them to allow for the graceful spread of the foliage. Deer Grass is easy and carefree, and also useful for erosion control on slopes.

This bunchgrass needs full sun and little water; but will adapt to regular water in a mixed border planting. Flowering stalks appear in late summer. Use deer grass with large leaved shrubs, such as Saint Catherine’s Lace or Silk Tassel Bush for maximum contrast. I also like to plant something small and flowery, like Bidens at the edges of this big grass.

Native grasses provide lots of seed in the fall for birds and nesting materials in the spring.  All year long insects find cover within the dense foliage. This plant is totally deer proof; they do not eat grasses, but do find cover, and a place to rest in amongst large drifts of Deer Grass.