A beautiful Western perennial, perfect for the border or in a meadow blended with bunchgrasses, poppies, clarkia and flowering bulbs. Summer blooming, flowers open over a long time; full sun, low water, 12-18” tall, needs good drainage, deer ignore it.

Growing Blue Flax from Seed

Blue Flax is ordinarily seen growing wild in meadows and grassy fields, and in these conditions it is a small plant, usually no more than a few linear stalks with a cluster of flower buds that open daily. In a controlled garden situation the plant becomes much more substantial, with multiple stalks emerging from an enlarging clump.

The seeds are a medium size, so they can be tamped down into a starter mix and very lightly covered with a sprinkling of vermiculite or perlite.  I sow the seeds in a 4” pot, outside in a protected situation, either in late summer or in early spring. The seeds germinate within two weeks, and then need another two or three months to develop into a sturdy seedling ready to transplant to a garden bed, or a container.