The delicate beauty of the Alum Roots, particularly in full bloom, belies the hardiness of this plant.  The leaves are somewhat maple shaped, pale green, soft, and slightly hairy. The plant forms a mounded rosette, about two feet wide. In late spring, Heuchera maxima sends up numerous flowering stalks, creating an airy cloud of tiny greenish to white flowers. The flowers attract hummingbirds.

Heucheras are most effective in the garden when planted in drifts. They are at home in the shade of trees; perfect under the canopy of native oaks since they need only occasional water during the summer months. A deciduous tree creates the ideal situation to promote profuse flowering; plenty of sunlight during the cooler months, and partial shade during the summer.   

In their natural habitat, Alum Roots grow in rocky outcroppings, often on very steep slopes that are inaccessible to deer. In a garden they need protection from the deer.