This lovely native of coastal bluffs is a reliable evergreen perennial that blooms prolifically in the garden in late spring. ‘Cape Sebastian’ is a dense, low-spreading selection, ideal for use as a ground cover, with pale lilac flowers; ‘Wayne Roderick’ is larger in stature and spread, with deeper lilac flowers.

Plants require good drainage, and perform best with a richer soil and average water. Some afternoon shade in an inland garden keeps plants from scorching in the summer. As with most Aster family plants, butterflies and beneficial insects are attracted to the flowers for nectar and pollen.

This plant can be used at the front of a mixed border. Create a mixed planting with other members of the Coastal ‘Soft Chaparral’ community such as Eriogonums, Eriophyllums, and Dudleyas. Seaside Daisy can add color to the edges of a meadow or no-mow lawn planting. It also does well in a container!