Author Nancy Bauer

Bring Nature Home

One of the sponsors for the San Francisco Garden Show in March was the National Wildlife Federation and April Owens, Charlotte Torgovitsky and I joined up to create their backyard wildlife habitat exhibit.  On a 20 x 30-foot space, we put together a native habitat garden replete with bubbling stream, hedgerow and meadow, and called it “Bring Nature Home”.    

Not Just "Pretty Faces"

We have so many reasons to love our native plants—their beauty, the way they make gardening so easy and so rewarding, the way they just make themselves so at home in our gardens.  They are the plants that are thriving without summer water, the ones I don’t have to maintain, just enjoy.   And they bring a great deal of pleasure to the birds and insects that are also part of my garden landscape.

Wildflowers/Wild Places

When I walk in wild places, my senses come alive.  In nature, I come home to myself, because I am home.  I am in my rightful place, no more and no less than the living breathing community of plants and wildlife. Sometimes I feel a hint of my own wild essence— a kind of joyful innocence that belongs to, and is, one with this natural world.